Exchange / Returns
We grant all private customers an accommodating, 14-day right of return. The right of return can be exercised under the following conditions:

  • Article is entitled to be returned and the product-specific return period is adhered to
    The return period begins with the delivery date, after the return period has expired, the item in question can no longer be taken back and will be returned to the buyer for a fee.
  • The returned items meet all of the conditions for return
    • Item condition: new, clean and complete
      Opening the packaging and viewing the goods is permitted (with the exception of sealed and welded items). The right of return is limited to new items and therefore expires if the goods are assembled, tested, put into use or damaged and / or show signs of use. Clothing items can be tried on, taking hygiene into account, in order to check the fit. In addition, the item must be returned clean and with all accessories, which must also be in a new condition. Clothing items are neatly folded and clean (no further use than just trying on) can be returned.
    • Packaging condition: perfect
      The original packaging is an essential part of the goods. The article must be returned in the original packaging and in additional, suitable shipping packaging. It should be noted that the condition of the original packaging must be perfect inside and out. In addition, if the packaging is welded or sealed, it must be unopened so that the item can be taken back. Returned goods with glued original packaging or not returned in additional shipping packaging will always be rejected.
    • Opened product packaging: do not seal it yourself
      Opened product packaging must never be sealed shut, as this can make it difficult or impossible to restore the goods to a salable condition. Goods that are glued shut and can therefore no longer be brought into a salable condition will be rejected.
  • Compliance with the return procedure
    In order to guarantee the smooth return of goods, the procedure described below must be followed.

Returned goods that do not meet one or more of these requirements must be returned to the buyer after paying a processing fee of ZAR 299.- for standard items or ZAR 589.- for bulky items. The buyer always bears the postage costs for returns.

How to return items
Please note the above requirements and conditions for the return of items.
To return articles that are eligible for return, please use the proforma invoice you received with your order. Mark the items to be returned and label them with “return”.

The return must be sent to the following address:
Pyga Industries
Street 23 Oldfield Business Park, 3 Haworth Rod, Mkondeni, Pietermaritzburg
Postcode 3201
South Africa

If the value of the goods is less than ZAR 9769.-, please do not return by registered mail, as the processing of the return can be delayed by up to 2 weeks.
It is advisable to keep the postal tracking number of your return in order to track any problems with the shipment.
Returns with a missing supplementary sheet (proforma invoice with identification of the return items) cannot be processed and we have to return the post with the note “back to sender”.

Items that are withdrawn will always be reimbursed at the current price, up to a maximum of the purchase price using the means of payment used for the order in question. Charges such as shipping costs and payment fees are non-refundable. The processing time until the completion and reimbursement of a return is 7-14 days after we have received it.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.