If you have any technical questions, or just general questions about our products, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact form. In the meantime, have a read through our list of frequently asked questions below which may help.

What torque should I tighten my bikes linkage bolts?

  • Suggested Torque is noted on the explosion diagrams on the product pages.

What front deraillieur do I need?

  • Our STAGE and STAGE MAX frames accommodate a high direct mount side pull type front derailleur from 2017 models onward. Earlier models use a top pull.

What bottom bracket do I use?

  • For the STAGE and STAGE MAX you will need a Pressfit 92 BB with the 2.5mm spacers. The BB Shell is 89.5mm wide.
  • For the TiG, MOBU, SLAKLINE and HYRAX you will need a threaded English BSA Bottom Bracket, set up for it’s 73mm shell

What is your rear brake standard?

All of our frames are designed with 160mm post mount direct.
Standard builds are as follows:

  • STAGE: 160mm rear, 160mm front
  • STAGE MAX: 160mm rear, 180mm front
  • MOBU XC: 160mm rear, 160mm front
  • MOBU TRAIL: 160mm rear, 180mm front
  • HYRAX: 180mm rear, 200mm front
  • SLAKLINE: 180mm rear, 200mm front
  • TiG ST: 160mm rear, 160mm front
  • TiG LT: 160mm rear, 180mm front
  • Evolve: 180mm rear, 200mm front

What rear axel size is required?

  • All Pyga framesets are designed to accommodate a Rockshox Maxle ultimate174mmx12mm

What rear wheel standard does your bike support?

  • Our STAGE and STAGE MAX utilise the 142mm standard and our proprietary +5 offset rear end. Therefore the wheel will need to be dished to the brake-side by 5mm. (link to +5) the TiG, EVOLVE, MOBU, SLAKLINE and HYRAX utilise a 148mm rear boost width however still use the same rockshox maxle ultimate 174mm x 12mm.

What headset do I use?

  • Most of our framesets fit a Cane Creek 40series ZS44/ZS56 tapered headset.
  • TiG has a IS41/IS52 integrated headset

What seatpost diameter do I need?

  • You will need a 30.9mm seatpost for TiG, MOBU, STAGE and STAGE MAX, and a 34.9mm seatpost for both EVOLVE, SLAKLINE and HYRAX. (a shim could be used also should you have a 30.9 or 31.6mm dropper but needs to be a minimum of 100mm long)

What is the maximum front chainring size that the TiG, MOBU, Stage and Stage Max can accommodate?

  • A 38t 6mm offset ring is the max size the frame can accommodate.

What is the maximum front chainring size that the Evolve, Slakline and Hyrax can accommodate?

  • A 36t 3mm offset is the max size possible. But for most people a 34t would be the biggest used.

What is DEED Components?

  • Deed is a component brand owned by Pyga Industries to enable great quality and prices to our customers. We currently only use deed as original equipment on our high end models and will be offering them as an After Market option shortly.Mos